In reverse chronological order:

The Success of “Broken Windows” Rightly Understood A review of Patrick Sharkey’s “Uneasy Peace”

What’s Planning Got to Do With It? — The Regional Plan Association Fourth Regional Plan

The Real Story of Sleepy Hollow

William H. (“Holly”) Whyte Resource Page

Island Magic — Hudson River Park

Why Cleveland should become “Amazon City!”

Sharon Springs, New York – A Great Place: A Long Hard Pull

Placemaking as Policy: Gloversville, New York: A Laboratory for the community impact of public space revitalization

The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is … What Exactly? — Managing psychological cues to make make public spaces seem safe.

Delivering Compassion to the Homeless — What downtown managers can do to provide services to the homeless.

Housing Market Myths and Truths — Basic economics and housing policy.

The Triumph of The Creative Class — A review of Richard Florida’s “The New Urban Crisis” and why there isn’t one.

EATING ON THE PAVEMENT — The value of cramming outdoor cafe’s in even the smallest spaces

The Fountains of Andalusia — The wonderful impact of moving water on public spaces

Putting Out in Public Space — Customer service in public space management

Real Community Leadership — A remembrance of Bill Briggs, founder of Youth & Tennis

He Happens to Like New York* — A review of Justin Davidson’s “The Magnetic City”

People Like/Love Grass — The importance of turf in making great public spaces

Buying the Dogs — The case for NFPs purchasing distressed property as an economic development tool

Jamaica Update – Not According to Plan — Evidence of the power of placemaking as an economic development tool

Improving Suburban Downtowns — Ideas for revitalizing downtown Larchmont

WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE… — Changes in New York City BIDs over the last two decades, BIDs and the politics of homelessness and dealing with bad publicity

What Works — How economic development happens through placemaking

Building Blank Walls — The impact of architecture on public spaces

Engaging the “Deplorables” — The potential for placemaking in rural settings and small cities.

Bass Ackwards — The plans for LA’s Pershing Square

When the Signs Suck — The problems presented by bad retail presentation

The Impossible Takes a Little While — Billie Holiday* — The time it takes to make placemaking work

Vending: The Platonic Form — A model plan for street vending

Selling on the Sidewalk — The issues raised by vending in public spaces

The Solstice, Christmas, York and Place — Year-end thoughts about places

Advent, Le Chemin de St. Jacques, Ste. Foy, Conques and the Essentialness of Place  — Why place matters

The Fog of Creative Placemaking — What is creative placemaking?

Pissing On Sidewalks — Why surface treatments aren’t that important

Going Beyond Safe and Clean — Rethinking BID service delivery programs.

Make American Downtowns Great Again What makes a main street great?

Race, Class, Equality and Public Space — Dealing with antisocial behavior in public spaces

In Defense of BIDs — Responding to tired old issues raised in Crains’

Say It With Flowers — The power of horticultural programs in downtown revitalization

MAKE NO GRAND PLANS — Why small improvements are more effective than large plans

TAKING SUBURBIA SERIOUSLY — A review of Joel Kotkin’s latest book

Gentrification and its Discontents — Why “gentrification” isn’t a problem

Snowed by Buffalo — A report on a visit to Buffalo

Changes In Jamaica — An update on the revitalization of Jamaica, Queens

More Bryant Park Midcourse Corrections — More changes made to Bryant Park programming

Learning from the Mistakes of Bryant Park — What we learned and how we changed the programming in Bryant Park

Photos from Cleveland’s Public Square — Photos of the new design

When will we ever learn? — Cleveland’s most important public spaces gets a lousy makeover.